Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer in California

A belated post on our wonderful stay in California, at my parents, for our summer escape. We arrived in SLO one day after our return from Montana. The turn around wasn't as bad as I thought and the flight by myself was quite easy. My parents are saints for opening their doors for such as long time to such needy houseguests. They also hosted others during our stay but I think the kids and I kept them the busiest. We enjoyed walks in the neighborhood to the park, trips to the beach where Davis grew in his overall comfort with the ocean, farmer's market, big wheel rides around the house and neighborhood, tractor rides, Discovery museum, day trip to Cambria, evening visits to Doc' ice cream parlor and playing golf with dad. Grace enjoyed the cool air, not sweating in her stroller and the constant attention from family. She did go through some transitions during her stay and I was so thankful we were there for support.  I am so appreciate of the energy my parents have to keep up with the kids and keep them enjoying their days. We have great memories of our time. Each summer brings new adventures for Davis as he grows.

At Avila Barn. He used to be afraid of feeding the animals. His new love is riding in the tractor to pick fruit.  

I think Davis is throwing the lettuce in there but it looks like it bounced back here.

bracing for the nibble
Strawberry picking at Rutiz Family Farms where my parent are lucky to get their produce.

These guys know how to lay some beautiful eggs.
Pops added a life vest to Davis' beach gear this summer. He has become so comfortable with the water, so this provides extra support for him to stand and play with out a firm hand hold in the water. 

The beach tent was great this summer providing a cozy spot for Grace and whoever was on Grace duty.

Avila Beach 

Davis jumped in the waves at Avila Beach and watched a seal swim just 10 feet from him.

At moonstone beach in Cambria. I think I should start a collection of Davis' cheeks exposed in nature. 

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