Sunday, September 1, 2013

Grace's Baptism

On Septmember 1st at 8:30 Mass, Grace was baptized at St. Patrick's Catholic Church here in Scottsdale with godfather William Medley and godmother Allyson Quijano along with family to bare witness. My parents traveled to be with us and to visit with Tante who had traveled from Africa to be here. We had a nice dinner the night they arrived and were all up early the next morning. The Church was so great to allow us to do a private Baptism to work with everyone's travel plans. It created a very personal experience for us. Davis did wonderfully during Mass and clapped along with songs. Mimi and Pops were able to bring up the gifts as well. Everyone had their part. Grace did fall asleep only to be awakened by the chilly Holy Water at the Baptismal font. She didn't cry though. We did a lot of visiting with parishoners after who were commenting mainly on Grace's handsome brother as well as Grace's beautiful heirloom gown.

She was able to wear the Medley's heirloom gown along with a James Avery silver cross from Tante. The gown is the same delicate treasure that Davis wore three years ago. Mimi and Pops gave her some ivory satin booties with ribbon tie that matched beautifully. These are on the wall in her room now as a keepsake. I regret not getting a picture of these or of her in her gown by herself prior to the ceremony but it was slightly chaotic that morning.

We arrived at home to mimosas and hot coffee while Chef Stacey was whipping up a delish brunch. What at treat. The McLachlins also joined us at home. We enjoyed our mimosas while appetizing on salmon, cream cheese with vinaigrette on cucumber before our brunch. The food was amazing including two frittatas, roasted fingerling potatoes, fruit salad with mint, quinoa salad and lemon bundt cake to finish. It was so nice to be able to visit, eat and enjoy this meal with everyone. She even cleaned   up the kitchen. We were in a food coma after but finished the day swimming and having dinner at the Hyatt where Mimi and Pops were staying for the weekend. It was such a memorable day and we are beyond grateful for those family members who traveled so far to be here and for all those sweet thoughts and gifts from our family afar.

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  1. What a memorable weekend it was. We were all blessed by it and are grateful for the wonderful time we spent together.