Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of Preschool

I can not believe my firstborn has started preschool. We enrolled Davis in the 3 year old program at Pinnacle Peak Presbyterian Preschool just five minutes north of home. Its a Reggio Emilio program and highly respected here in the Valley. He is in the Javelina class, one of the four 3 year old classes, with children whose birthdays are within the same 6 months. I find the name Javelina ironic considering I have advised him to run at any sighting of a Javelina. Bobcat class may have been more appropriate considering the number of sightings we've had in our backyard - three just last week.  Davis attends Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12 with an extended day on Tuesday for Spanish class. He gets to bring his lunch on Tuesday - very big deal for him. I will miss him, especially on those long days, but know he will love the socialization and constant activity. Too, this will allow me some treasured one on one time with my sweet Grace.

We have been talking about preschool all summer long and especially the week building up to it. Stressing the "drop off" portion of it specifically and how its only for kids not mamas. I was happy Andrew was able to go into work late which allowed Davis to ride with him. Yolanda stayed with Grace and I met them at the school. We walked him in, did our routine with me telling him I was going to the grocery and kiss and goodbye it was. I did the goodbye quickly for both of us as I could feel myself getting emotional. He didn't flinch and kept on playing amidst the chaos of parents and of course, tear filled children. I breathed a sigh of relief when getting in the car. We did it. I'm excited for the family and the new adventures school will bring and mostly seeing our little man grow and learn.

August 20, 2013

Picking out his picture with Mrs. Rachel, one of his three teachers. 

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