Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Playdate

Davis and I hosted the September playdate with our playgroup. It was a nice warm morning. We did spend a  little time outside in the shade while the kids motored around on the bikes, but still so warm. I tried my new lens out on the kids and still need a little practice not having the zoom option. This is the reason why there are so many close ups. I do love a close face shot if you haven't noticed. I love capturing the kids different expressions and their toddler faces. Their faces change so fast. Its just my effort to try capture it forever. 

Believe he's telling me that I take too many picture. very observant.

Orange filled cheeks.

Grace sitting on Auntie Kristy's baby bump. 

Getting some good practice on being a big brother. 

In the address position.

Uncle Tim comes to Scottsdale

The famous world traveling Uncle Tim came for a visit to Scottsdale just one day after my parents and William left to catch up and overlap with Tante's visit before she returned to Africa. Tim just returned from China earlier in the month after a one year fellowship in Beijing with Princeton in Asia. He came home to the US meeting his two new nieces. Tim is by far the most even keel Quijano child. Despite his world adventures he always return home and flows right into life in the US. I can imagine its quite difficult, especially when your're awoken by yelling toddlers asking you to play trains for the 75th time. We enjoyed hanging around visiting, cooking and taking some pictures. He is a very talented photographer. All the good pics below are his and the below average are mine. Although with the new lens he sent me in the mail last week, I'm gonna step up my game. So very generous of him. We enjoyed hearing of all his adventures but are happy to have him on the mainland, even if its temporary. Just this morning, Davis said, "I'm riding my bike so well, just like Uncle Tim." Yes, Uncle Tim, already you are missed.