Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby Grace: 5 months

You spent this month accomplishing multiple milestones which kept you nightwaking most days. And after sleeping through the night for a couple of months, it was a good reminder of all the daily changes you are going through.  Lucky for daddy, we were in California and lucky for mama, we were there with lots of help.  You started rolling over back to front which forced us to wean from the treasured miracle blanket. You then took the ‘touchdown’ or ‘I surrender’ sleep position. You also started teething, grew out of your Zantac dose and hit your 4 month sleep regression and growth spurt – sheesh.  You spent most of this month in the cool air, visiting the beach and exploring the parks with your brother.  You enjoyed extra cuddle time with Mimi and Pops, at all hours, who showered you with love. We took you to Moonstone Beach walked and climbed the rocks just like we did with your brother at the same age. Hearing the ocean was very relaxing as you closed your eyes and fell asleep in the Bjorn. You met mama’s godparents from the East Coast, your maternal great Aunt March from GA, great Aunt Bernell, great Uncle Randy and lots of Louisiana cousins too. You were held a lot and kept your easy going spirit. Mobility is upon us! You need lots of attention or we find you rolling on the hard floor across the room. You are putting everything in your mouth, a little from teething and sometimes just exploring. You still like your “bink” but are chewing on it mostly.  You sometimes grab a hold of both feet and give us a perfect Happy Baby pose. You continue to coo and sing and love to be in the mix with us all. And on the day you turned 5 months, you gained your first cousin, Noelani Lalere, a precious girl too! Close enough in age to be sisters indeed! You two are blessings to us all. We look forward to watching you grow together. How sweet it is to have you in our life sweet Grace. 

Diaper Size: 2
Clothing Size: 6-9 mos
Milestones: weaning from swaddle, rolling at night, teething, grasping and holding objects at mouth


  1. Sounds like Micah is going through ALL those things... at 3 months (except that he wasn't sleeping all night before the nightwaking) What are you doing for all this? HELP! You'd think this way my first baby.

  2. Hi I know I am commenting on the wrong photo. I have been on Pinterest and I am in love with the birthday party you had for your son with the trucks. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about the decorations and such. If you have time would you mind to email me @ Thank you a bunch. You have a beautiful family.