Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby Grace: 4 Months

You enjoyed this month displaying more motor skills and developing each day, reminding us that you are growing before our very eyes.  Also, a bittersweet reminder that you will not be a baby forever. You are are still sleeping great, through the night, and taking naps at the same time as your brother too! You are enjoying tummy time and have started rolling from back to stomach. You've also begun scooting around. Mobility is upon us. You are cooing, laughing and will often imitate us. You enjoyed a visit from your Gran and Grandmother who snuggled you tight. Your features are more Medley than Quijano at the moment although I'm not convinced that blonde hair will stay long. 'You are such a trooper', I say each day, hauling you around town and through airports. You traveled to Whitefish to visit Uncle Bubba at his vacation home and slept for hours in that cool Montana air. You enjoyed your first chair lift ride and hiking through Glacier National Park. You are growing at your own pace but have more rolls than I can count. Sweet Grace, already we can not imagine our days without you.

Height: 24.5 (75%)
WeightL 13.13lb. (50%)
HC: 42cm (75%)
Diaper size: 2
Clothing size: 3-6 mos
Milestones: rolling back to front, laughing, imitating

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