Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick trip to California

We had a quick trip to Mimi and Pops while Andrew traveled to Mississippi for a tournament and work. I survived the first flight solo with two children. This included placing my infant in a TSA bin while I folded the stroller down and holding 2 kids with one hovering over the toilet in the airplane with  my backside hanging out the door into the aisle. Awesome.  The kids were great. If only moms had more arms. We enjoyed daily adventures of visiting the Avila Valley Barn, Pismo Beach Pier, walks to the park, big train ride to San Luis Obispo train station, the Beach and finished it off the morning we left at Bitter Creek Railroad Co.

Davis has outgrown his first wetsuit and is now in a full body suit. He wasn't as excited about the 50 degree water but I'm sure that will change next visit. He enjoyed feeding the animals at Avila, which was once a fear of his. The ride on the train was great. He did not let go of his tickets the entire trip and sat with his head glued to the window for the short 20 min ride. The ticket lady came by and Davis asked, "you the conductor." She replied, "Yes, I am." Davis: "Hi. You drive so well." Her reply: "You're the best." We'll be sure to do it again.  We ventured to the Pier  to see the pelicans that are usually hovering at the end with the fisherman but had to settle for the dolphins. We had a real treat with Mimi arranging a visit to Bitter Creek Railroad down the street from the neighborhood. We had a private ride on the 4 mile track through tunnels and trestles. A great memory. Grace adapted beautifully and slept in the crib. She fell asleep at the beach many times and enjoyed being held so much. She was even held by her Great grandmother Pat one night.

We are anxious to return and escape the heat in July. Davis is looking forward to continued adventures and, of course, the nightly ice cream with sprinkles.

beach nap

Bitter Creek Railroad Co.

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