Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby Grace: ONE month

You are such a trooper your first week, having your heel pricked each day for jaundice. You enjoyed sunbathing in your window and fell asleep quickly. You sleep through your brother's running and hollering and fail to be startled easily. You do not like having your diaper changed but if we place our cheek next to yours, you calm easily. You are a very efficient eater and let us know you’re hungry by snorting. Your hair is a beautiful blonde like your dad’s when he was a baby. You lost some weight early on but quickly gained it back. You like walks in your bassinet and napping in your bouncer. You have slept through music, swim and gym class without a problem.  You’ve had so many family visitors, Mimi and Pops, Grandmother, Uncle Jeff and Tante- who visited all the way from Africa.

Weight: 11.4
Diaper: size 1
Milestones: smiling, taking a bottle

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