Friday, June 7, 2013

Conversations with an almost 3 year old

Why being a mom is so much fun. He keeps me laughing and reminds me to be 'in the moment' living these days with them to the fullest. 

On the way home from swim class: 
Davis, do you love swim class.  
Davis: "No mom, I love tangerines."

Keeping me on task: "When I wake up from my nap, we gonna do tummy time with Gracie."

"Where's daddy?"
He's playing golf Davis. 
"But I want him." whine
I know. but he's playing golf with clients and then he'll be home. 
"but, but , but, but I love him"

"Where's daddy?"
He had to work late Davis, He'll be home in a little bit
"But its so hard mama." (hand on head)

"Mama, I wanna cook in California."
Ok Davis, what do you want to cook there?
"Um…cantalaupe, tangerines, some rice, some broccoli, some cereal, and maybe some chicken mama."

Davis, today we have to go see mama's baby doctor. Remember, Dr. Deka?
"Yes. she got baby Gracie out your tummy."
Yes. very good Davis
"She gonna put baby Gracie back in?"
No. She's staying with us Davis.
"Oh, ok."

Eating my taco salad one night. 
"Mama! You eating GRASS?!!"
I laugh. No it's salad. 
"You eating LEAVES?!!"
No, salad. Do u want to try?
An affirmative "no thanks"

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