Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Grace: TWO Months

Already you look so big. You still have blonde hair and yet resemble your brother as a baby so much, although are 2lbs smaller. You like to be held and are most awake in the morning and give us the most smiles then. Your smiles are infections and make it impossible not to smile back. You are sleeping better and have moved to the crib in your own room.  You are waking only once a night but have slept until 5AM once. You have struggled with jaundice and reflux but we have got a handle on both now. You love to be held and like to be sung to as well. Your brother catches your eye and you shoot him a smile. I can tell how you'll grow to look up to him. You like your baths and have begun to bicycle during them. You have also begun rolling over stomach to back in somewhat disapproval of tummy time. You don’t like your carseat but are sometimes entertained by your big brother. Your closet is turning more pink each day with lots of love from family and friends. Its a constant reminder of how sweet it is to have a little girl in this house. 

Weight: 12.2
Diaper: size 1
Milestones: sleeping in crib, cooing, rolling stomach to back, sleeping 8-5

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