Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baby Grace: THREE Months

You are leaving your newborn and coming into your infant self. You enjoyed your first flight with me and Davis and behaved beautifully even when I had to place you in a TSA bin. You enjoyed napping in the cool California air at the beach or the park. You are such a happy baby. When you fuss I run over to give you your binkie so I can get something done, and you flash me that beautiful gummy smile and I just laugh. You are taking 3 naps and started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, 7:30-6:30! You are getting stronger, holding your head up high, scanning and enjoying tummy time. Your favorite activity is bath time and lying on your activity mat listening to music and staring at the octopus. You are growing out of a lot of clothes and are wearing 6 mos clothing now. You have big beautiful crystal blue eyes and receive many compliments on them. More and more we refer to you as Gracie. Sometimes Gracie-Grace and sometimes just Grace. You are our beautiful sweet girl.  

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