Monday, June 24, 2013

3 Months and 3 Years

Just a few pics from around our home. Its warming up here so lots of time inside but if we're out, we're in the pool.

playdate with makena
tummy time

post swim
bed head
morning time with dad
that look

that smile
those feet (Davis size 10.5)
pic by Davis

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baby Grace: THREE Months

You are leaving your newborn and coming into your infant self. You enjoyed your first flight with me and Davis and behaved beautifully even when I had to place you in a TSA bin. You enjoyed napping in the cool California air at the beach or the park. You are such a happy baby. When you fuss I run over to give you your binkie so I can get something done, and you flash me that beautiful gummy smile and I just laugh. You are taking 3 naps and started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, 7:30-6:30! You are getting stronger, holding your head up high, scanning and enjoying tummy time. Your favorite activity is bath time and lying on your activity mat listening to music and staring at the octopus. You are growing out of a lot of clothes and are wearing 6 mos clothing now. You have big beautiful crystal blue eyes and receive many compliments on them. More and more we refer to you as Gracie. Sometimes Gracie-Grace and sometimes just Grace. You are our beautiful sweet girl.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick trip to California

We had a quick trip to Mimi and Pops while Andrew traveled to Mississippi for a tournament and work. I survived the first flight solo with two children. This included placing my infant in a TSA bin while I folded the stroller down and holding 2 kids with one hovering over the toilet in the airplane with  my backside hanging out the door into the aisle. Awesome.  The kids were great. If only moms had more arms. We enjoyed daily adventures of visiting the Avila Valley Barn, Pismo Beach Pier, walks to the park, big train ride to San Luis Obispo train station, the Beach and finished it off the morning we left at Bitter Creek Railroad Co.

Davis has outgrown his first wetsuit and is now in a full body suit. He wasn't as excited about the 50 degree water but I'm sure that will change next visit. He enjoyed feeding the animals at Avila, which was once a fear of his. The ride on the train was great. He did not let go of his tickets the entire trip and sat with his head glued to the window for the short 20 min ride. The ticket lady came by and Davis asked, "you the conductor." She replied, "Yes, I am." Davis: "Hi. You drive so well." Her reply: "You're the best." We'll be sure to do it again.  We ventured to the Pier  to see the pelicans that are usually hovering at the end with the fisherman but had to settle for the dolphins. We had a real treat with Mimi arranging a visit to Bitter Creek Railroad down the street from the neighborhood. We had a private ride on the 4 mile track through tunnels and trestles. A great memory. Grace adapted beautifully and slept in the crib. She fell asleep at the beach many times and enjoyed being held so much. She was even held by her Great grandmother Pat one night.

We are anxious to return and escape the heat in July. Davis is looking forward to continued adventures and, of course, the nightly ice cream with sprinkles.

beach nap

Bitter Creek Railroad Co.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Grace: TWO Months

Already you look so big. You still have blonde hair and yet resemble your brother as a baby so much, although are 2lbs smaller. You like to be held and are most awake in the morning and give us the most smiles then. Your smiles are infections and make it impossible not to smile back. You are sleeping better and have moved to the crib in your own room.  You are waking only once a night but have slept until 5AM once. You have struggled with jaundice and reflux but we have got a handle on both now. You love to be held and like to be sung to as well. Your brother catches your eye and you shoot him a smile. I can tell how you'll grow to look up to him. You like your baths and have begun to bicycle during them. You have also begun rolling over stomach to back in somewhat disapproval of tummy time. You don’t like your carseat but are sometimes entertained by your big brother. Your closet is turning more pink each day with lots of love from family and friends. Its a constant reminder of how sweet it is to have a little girl in this house. 

Weight: 12.2
Diaper: size 1
Milestones: sleeping in crib, cooing, rolling stomach to back, sleeping 8-5

Conversations with an almost 3 year old

Why being a mom is so much fun. He keeps me laughing and reminds me to be 'in the moment' living these days with them to the fullest. 

On the way home from swim class: 
Davis, do you love swim class.  
Davis: "No mom, I love tangerines."

Keeping me on task: "When I wake up from my nap, we gonna do tummy time with Gracie."

"Where's daddy?"
He's playing golf Davis. 
"But I want him." whine
I know. but he's playing golf with clients and then he'll be home. 
"but, but , but, but I love him"

"Where's daddy?"
He had to work late Davis, He'll be home in a little bit
"But its so hard mama." (hand on head)

"Mama, I wanna cook in California."
Ok Davis, what do you want to cook there?
"Um…cantalaupe, tangerines, some rice, some broccoli, some cereal, and maybe some chicken mama."

Davis, today we have to go see mama's baby doctor. Remember, Dr. Deka?
"Yes. she got baby Gracie out your tummy."
Yes. very good Davis
"She gonna put baby Gracie back in?"
No. She's staying with us Davis.
"Oh, ok."

Eating my taco salad one night. 
"Mama! You eating GRASS?!!"
I laugh. No it's salad. 
"You eating LEAVES?!!"
No, salad. Do u want to try?
An affirmative "no thanks"