Saturday, May 18, 2013

Train Birthday Party Decor

Invitation and labels from Sara Luke:

Food trays were perfect for this birthday picnic and made cleanup very easy.

Peanut butter and jelly cut into train shapes. 

Mexican bean salad and pasta caprese for the adults.

Big basket with bags of kettle and tortilla chips.
Snack/ Appetizer table consisted of crushers, apple juice and buckets of goldfish and pretzels for the kids. 

Dessert for the adults was Grandmother Jean's banana pudding in a jar - always a big hit.
Red and blue cupcakes for the kids.
Favor Bags with train tickets, thomas bubbles, barnum animal crackers, train whistle and conductor hat

Davis' Train Birthday Party

We hosted Davis' 3rd birthday party at McCormick Stillman Railroad Park on Saturday May 18. We were blessed with lots of friends and our AZ family who made our little man feel so special. To make it easy we had a picnic theme with lots of his favorite things.  Davis enjoyed riding the train and playing with his friends. He was exhausted when we returned home but managed to have enough energy to open presents before his 3 hour nap.

Grace enjoying the shoulder of John Ellis

Davis with Leonardo's family and Nana

Makena, Kate, Pat and Kristy

This pretty much sums up Makena and Davis' relationship - all experiences are shared - like brother and sister - and we love it. 

Davis and Makena with "Johnny"
Me with Kristy and Marissa
Davis with Nana and her grandson, Elliot 
Davis with Uncle Benny and Auntie Lynz

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day keeps getting better each year. Although I am still waking up each night, we decided to all get dressed for a nice brunch out. For me, this is quite the feat. Grace and Davis greeted me in the morning with Davis wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. Brunch was delicious as are any meal that I'm not cooking at the moment. I enjoyed an afternoon running errands and shopping while Andrew held down the fort at home.

And a special Mother's Day wish to my mother Nell, godmother Pandora and mother in law Jean, who have showed me how to grow in this honorable role. They are blessings in all our lives.