Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First week with Mimi & Pops

Mimi and Pops, "the cavalry", were here in full affect. Tending to big brother Davis, accompanying us on trips to the doctor and hospital each day for Grace's bloodtest, cooking, cleaning, tech support and providing all the support needed as we transitioned to life of four. They are pros at this and I can't imagine how they did it with a 3 year old and twins with no help. badges hard earned. They are naturals at their roles. I'll need to remind Davis of his trips to the pool with Pops with ice cream after at 11 in the morning.  I wish they could have stayed longer. I was very sad to see them go. We had great memories this week and were lucky to share it with them. We are looking forward to seeing them again in California very soon. 

sunbathing for jaundice
how perfect


a very good spot indeed

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