Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family of Three

Awaiting Baby Medley

I had the luxury of taking maternity leave a little early at 36 weeks to spend some quality time with Davis and do some major last minute prep around the house.  At 33 weeks, we had a growth ultrasound showing baby in the 96th percentile for size. Similar to that of a 36 week gestational age baby. Now, these scans have a margin of error but I became a little concerned that I might not make it to my due date and if I did, I would be trying to deliver a baby similar in size to Davis. Not going to happen.  Our next scan suggested that baby might have been in a growth spurt with the prior scan. Baby was now measuring in the 82nd percentile for size. Little relief there. At 36 weeks, I was 5 cm and 80% effaced and then 5 cm, 90% effaced at 38 weeks. I had major pressure and lots of contractions but yet no action. Fearing that my parents were not going to make it here in time, they arrived at 38 weeks, one day after their return from a ski trip. Troopers indeed. We enjoyed Davis' busy schedule of toddler activities and last minute things around the house. It was so nice to have that time with Davis.  Like most parents, you're anxious about sharing your heart with another child and how your first born with feel sharing mom and dad. I reminded myself that the greatest gift I could ever give him is a sibling and reflected on what my siblings mean to me. Still, he will always be our first born and will be one amazing big brother.

We scheduled at C-section at 39 weeks anticipating that if I had no gone into natural labor by that date, that I would have difficulty delivering another large baby. So..... the hope was that I would go into labor naturally prior to the date as I really did not want to repeat the C-section experience. We were lucky enough to go into labor Thursday, March 7th at 11PM.  I awoke with labor pains and began packing my toiletries. I had difficulty doing this so I awoke Andrew at midnight so he could begin packing. My contractions were coupled, meaning a I would have them 6 minutes and then 4 minutes with continued fluctuation. I apparently was not fully recovering from one contraction before having another. My doctor had warned me about getting to hospital quickly due to the baby's positioning already.  Andrew had the car packed and running and I peeked in Davis' room before leaving with tears  and whispered to him.  We left at 1:30AM and was in a room at 2AM, ready to meet Baby Medley.

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