Saturday, March 30, 2013

Grandmother comes to visit

Grandmother Jean came to our rescue a few short days after my parents left. We were happy to welcome her and thankful for her travels. Davis enjoyed mornings with Grandmother while I caught up on sleep. She came with books and gifts and stickers galore. She kept him quite busy Easter egg hunting too. She made it to music, swim and gym class and probably thinks were a little nutty for running around the way we do. She was very proud of him using the potty at swim class one day. Grace enjoyed some sweet Grandmother time too and could have slept in her arms for hours. Davis was sad to see her go and has spoken of getting on a plane to Mississippi quite often since she has left. We are looking forward to her return and seeing Gran in June for a visit.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Big Brother Davis

We could not have imagined a sweeter transition of Davis from only child to big brother. We spoke of baby and read books particularly in the last trimester. He knew something was coming but we knew he didn't quite get the whole picture. When he arrived at the hospital he was very quiet. I suggested he touch Baby Grace and unfortunately she let out a cry. His lip then turned and quivered and the tears came. Andrew let him outside and brought him back in a new man. Maken also helped him adjust. She came very cheerful and very interested in the baby. Since then, we have had no issues. He lets us know when she's crying, runs to give her a binky, asks to hold her, holds her hand while riding in the car and give an occasional "shhh, shhh" when she's fussing. I love to hear him talk about her.

"Baby Grace going to see the doctor for her tummy?" Umbilical cord interest
"You going to put Baby Grace down in the crib mama?"
"Baby Grace, open her eyes." awake time
"Its ok Gracie." when shes crying
"Did Baby Grace take a good nap mama?"
"Baby Grace have train pretty pajamas?" Yes, she has worn his old train sleep gown

I feel so blessed to have these two little ones in our life and for Davis to have transitioned so easily. He is the sweetest and reminds me of my old brother. Every girl needs one.

I Have a New Sister
I have a new sister, 
they dress her in pink.
I don't know where she came from,
but she's staying, I think.

Mommy and Daddy are now ours to share;
they'll love us both 
and I know they'll be fair.
I'll kiss her and hug her 
with all of my might;
And I won't mind if she cries 
in the middle of the night.

I'll help with her diapers 
and with her bath too;
She needs her big brother, 
she's so tiny and new.
I'm ready for the challenge; 
on me she can depend.
I have a new sister, 
I have a new friend.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First week with Mimi & Pops

Mimi and Pops, "the cavalry", were here in full affect. Tending to big brother Davis, accompanying us on trips to the doctor and hospital each day for Grace's bloodtest, cooking, cleaning, tech support and providing all the support needed as we transitioned to life of four. They are pros at this and I can't imagine how they did it with a 3 year old and twins with no help. badges hard earned. They are naturals at their roles. I'll need to remind Davis of his trips to the pool with Pops with ice cream after at 11 in the morning.  I wish they could have stayed longer. I was very sad to see them go. We had great memories this week and were lucky to share it with them. We are looking forward to seeing them again in California very soon. 

sunbathing for jaundice
how perfect


a very good spot indeed

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bienvenu Baby Grace

Grace Catherine arrived Friday, March 8 at 12:33 PM after one hour of pushing and praying. Andrew was present and made it through without incident. Mom "Mimi" was also present for the birth with Pops holding down the fort with Davis. She gave me a little trouble flipping multiple times at the end but were able to have the delivery we wanted this time. What a gift it was to be able to hold her immediately after. Something I didn't get to experience with Davis.

When she was close to delivery, the nurse asked us what color hair Davis had. He had lots of dark hair. She commented that this one, had very little light hair. We then began to wander if it could be a girl. She came out and was big and beautiful. Grace Catherine is the name of my maternal grandmother's sister. We think it's beautiful and fits her perfectly.

We were able to have lots of pictures taken by a student nurse. I bargained and allowed her to get great clinical "practice" on me that day as this was her first delivery if she shot pics for us. We are so greatful for these.

cephalohematoma from a traumatic pass dissapeared within the hour but did set us up for jaundice

meeting Mimi
meeting big brother Davis

The MacLachlins are always there.  

Davis, Makena and Grace

and during our delivery... a little yoga at home

After delivery, I was able to have real food. Dear friend Lyndsay brought Chipotle. We settled into our new room. Later Mimi returned with Pops and Davis to meet Baby Grace. Davis was a little emotional at first but warmed up especially after Makena arrived with Kristy and Parker. Andrew stayed late before heading home for the night. What a memorable day.