Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weber-Hayes Wedding

Andrew and I enjoyed our annual trip sans Davis to celebrate the marriage of our dear friends Lyndsay and Ben. We were both able to be a part of the week long festivities. We had a great time. We weather was beautiful and the lake pristine. We enjoyed some late nights, visits with friends on the West Coast and time on the boat.  We rented a house in downtown Coeur d'Alene with our friends the McLachlins and Barnes. I got some good girl time and Andrew some boy time golfing, of course.The wedding was outside and absolutely stunning. Wish I had pictures from the big event. We were and remain so excited as they start this journey. On a side note, I instructed my mom to tell Davis we were with Ben and Lyndsay if he asked for us and he would go on playing. He has a small crush on both, Ben with  his big truck and Lyndsay is his "girlfriend".

At welcome dinner at bride's house
John, my escort
the maids 
Andrew, Ben, John and Jake at Rehearsal dinner
Rehearsal Dinner
with Amy and Jill at Eddies, night before wedding

Bride and groom before the big day

Saturday, July 21, 2012

California Part I

Davis and I enjoyed escaping the heat to California one week after our return from Montana.  We enjoyed time at the beach and playing outdoors in general as we escaped the heat.  I spent a few days there before meeting Andrew in Coeur D'Alene for the Weber/ Hayes wedding. Mimi and Pops earned another badge as they took Davis Duty on for 5 days.  They kept him quite busy it seems as he was sleeping past 7 each morning. This of course stopped when I returned to California.  Davis enjoyed golf in the yard, running to the park, playing with the hose, visiting the roosters by the creek and the train at the ice cream store.

loving the undertow feel

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandmother...

"grandmama", "g-mama". Wishing the best to our #1 mother, mother-in-law and best of all, grandmother. Lots of love to Mississippi today.

at glacier

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scottsdale Staycation

Staycations are a popular venture here when resort prices are a steal. We enjoyed one night at the Hyatt Gainey Resort. Because it was pre July 4th weekend, the place was packed. We swam until little man's eyes couldn't take anymore chemicals and he was zonked. We enjoyed dinner on the beautiful grounds before turning in. Staycations involve a little more planning now. We talked Davis' special bed up all day in attempt to prepare him for sleeping in a pack-n-play in the bathroom of a strange place. Well, this didn't work so well. We were all up at 4:30AM. Davis ran around the room turning every possible light on, banging on the keyboard and calling the front desk on the phone. wow. We checked out at 7:30AM, grabbed a quick breakfast and checked in at home by 8:30. Oh dear. We tried.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glacier National Park

We wish we could have spend more time in Glacier but we did have beautiful views to take with us. We enjoyed breakfast in the park and scenic drive and then finished our week with rafting.  I look forward to our next summer trip there to further explore.

Thanks to Granmother and Gran who agreed to babysit so we could raft Middle Fork. This consisted of 4 rafts of family members equipped with large water guns. Doug's idea. Between rapids, cousins would pummel eachother, in the face most often, with freezing glacier water.  At one point, one cousin jumped into our raft and tackled another into the water. Seriously, I think our guides will never take a group from Mississippi again. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GUMBO in July

Gathering Under Montana's Big Open Sky for Medley Family Renunion

We met Andrew and extended family in Whitefish Montana July 10th for a family reunion. Whitefish is  quite a ways from the Mississippi Gulf Coast but as usual it was a beautiful setting for a gathering, despite the heat wave. Davis and I flew solo and met Andrew in Whitefish. It was the longest flight by myself. It began with my waking at 3:30 and whisking Davis out of his crib at 4AM.  Luckily I lots of strangers helping me along the way. Davis did great on the 3 hours flight to Seattle. An elderly man impressed with this two years olds tech skills asked to snap a picture of him playing the ipad with headphones on. We then had a short flight from Seattle to Kalispel with this view.

Andrew arrived 5 days before we did and was busy doing this...

Thank you to Kate and Gran and Granmother who arranged for us to stay in a neat old home in downtown. It was a quick walk to all the quaint downtown. Each day and night was organized and scheduled with a large family dinner and family educational activity. More evidence, that I married into a big, loving, and very fun family with the Medleys. Hosts Doug (Tim's brother) and Marilyn have owned a second home here for years and have always had a open door policy. They scheduled a great week for all. Marilyn provided a crib for Davis and a basket full of toys, including a gold set. He played so much with it in the front yard he blistered on his hand. Like father, like son?

Tuesday: arrival Day. Dinner downtown at the farmer's market.
Wednesday: Crepe night at Marilyn & Doug's with family slideshow.
Thursday: dinner at the Wolfs hosted by Wolfs and Medley/Morrison family with reading of Hannah's
Friday: BBQ and western night at the big house hosted by McGee/ Medley crew with family tree and ancestry presentation by Tim

'Granny Hannah' greeting us at Doug and Marilyn's
secrets on the porch
secrets with Gran
medley men

auntie kate
Hosts Marilyn & Doug with crepe team
porch sittin 
Davis reading the family tree during Gran's presentation
Playing with Aunt Susan "Suz"
Huskin corn on the front porch

missing William