Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Scottsdale

I worked this Christmas so we enjoyed celebrating at home with Mimi and Pops, Jeff and Kanani. Unfortunately Davis became quite ill before Christmas with the croup, sinus and ear infection. This is the most ill he's been and the first antibiotic in his 2.5 years. He was quite sensitive dealing with the side affects of the antibiotic, little sleep and appetite. In the midst of his illness, we all  got a little cold of some sort and sent Mimi and Pops back home exhausted. Christmas Eve was a quiet dinner at home after my working. Christmas Day Davis awoke early and enjoyed opening his presents. His big present from Santa was a train table, his current obsession. He was on the mend when Kanani and Jeff arrived. We enjoyed our visit and celebrated their pregnancy (due in August). We had a night out to dinner at La Hacienda at the Princess and to see Les Mis. On Friday we celebrated Andrew's birthday with a bundt cake, crawfish etoufee and a bottle of '96 Dom Perignon. What a combination. We ended the night seeing the Christmas lights and riding the train at the Scottsdale Princess. We are very grateful for the family that traveled to be with us when we couldn't travel and deeply missed out family in the extended areas of the world. 

"basura!" truck

toasting our 6th wedding anniversary, mimi and pops' 36th, Andrew's birthday and Jeff's graduation with LLM

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