Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weber-Hayes Wedding

Andrew and I enjoyed our annual trip sans Davis to celebrate the marriage of our dear friends Lyndsay and Ben. We were both able to be a part of the week long festivities. We had a great time. We weather was beautiful and the lake pristine. We enjoyed some late nights, visits with friends on the West Coast and time on the boat.  We rented a house in downtown Coeur d'Alene with our friends the McLachlins and Barnes. I got some good girl time and Andrew some boy time golfing, of course.The wedding was outside and absolutely stunning. Wish I had pictures from the big event. We were and remain so excited as they start this journey. On a side note, I instructed my mom to tell Davis we were with Ben and Lyndsay if he asked for us and he would go on playing. He has a small crush on both, Ben with  his big truck and Lyndsay is his "girlfriend".

At welcome dinner at bride's house
John, my escort
the maids 
Andrew, Ben, John and Jake at Rehearsal dinner
Rehearsal Dinner
with Amy and Jill at Eddies, night before wedding

Bride and groom before the big day

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