Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GUMBO in July

Gathering Under Montana's Big Open Sky for Medley Family Renunion

We met Andrew and extended family in Whitefish Montana July 10th for a family reunion. Whitefish is  quite a ways from the Mississippi Gulf Coast but as usual it was a beautiful setting for a gathering, despite the heat wave. Davis and I flew solo and met Andrew in Whitefish. It was the longest flight by myself. It began with my waking at 3:30 and whisking Davis out of his crib at 4AM.  Luckily I lots of strangers helping me along the way. Davis did great on the 3 hours flight to Seattle. An elderly man impressed with this two years olds tech skills asked to snap a picture of him playing the ipad with headphones on. We then had a short flight from Seattle to Kalispel with this view.

Andrew arrived 5 days before we did and was busy doing this...

Thank you to Kate and Gran and Granmother who arranged for us to stay in a neat old home in downtown. It was a quick walk to all the quaint downtown. Each day and night was organized and scheduled with a large family dinner and family educational activity. More evidence, that I married into a big, loving, and very fun family with the Medleys. Hosts Doug (Tim's brother) and Marilyn have owned a second home here for years and have always had a open door policy. They scheduled a great week for all. Marilyn provided a crib for Davis and a basket full of toys, including a gold set. He played so much with it in the front yard he blistered on his hand. Like father, like son?

Tuesday: arrival Day. Dinner downtown at the farmer's market.
Wednesday: Crepe night at Marilyn & Doug's with family slideshow.
Thursday: dinner at the Wolfs hosted by Wolfs and Medley/Morrison family with reading of Hannah's
Friday: BBQ and western night at the big house hosted by McGee/ Medley crew with family tree and ancestry presentation by Tim

'Granny Hannah' greeting us at Doug and Marilyn's
secrets on the porch
secrets with Gran
medley men

auntie kate
Hosts Marilyn & Doug with crepe team
porch sittin 
Davis reading the family tree during Gran's presentation
Playing with Aunt Susan "Suz"
Huskin corn on the front porch

missing William

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