Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scottsdale Staycation

Staycations are a popular venture here when resort prices are a steal. We enjoyed one night at the Hyatt Gainey Resort. Because it was pre July 4th weekend, the place was packed. We swam until little man's eyes couldn't take anymore chemicals and he was zonked. We enjoyed dinner on the beautiful grounds before turning in. Staycations involve a little more planning now. We talked Davis' special bed up all day in attempt to prepare him for sleeping in a pack-n-play in the bathroom of a strange place. Well, this didn't work so well. We were all up at 4:30AM. Davis ran around the room turning every possible light on, banging on the keyboard and calling the front desk on the phone. wow. We checked out at 7:30AM, grabbed a quick breakfast and checked in at home by 8:30. Oh dear. We tried.

1 comment:

  1. Davis' hair is getting dark! What a good time. As my grandmother said, "I'll sleep when I'm dead."