Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Davis!

Today you are 2! Dad and I never knew how much more joy and love and memories you could bring this family. You are arrived in a timely manner, two weeks late with induction. We waited and worked hard for 16 hours before  you were delivered via C-section.  You were a big boy from the beginning but healthy and finally here. We could not ask for anything better. In your second year, we have seen you learn to run and jump and climb and dance. You have expounded on vocabulary, both English and Spanish, and remind us each day that we better keep up. We have enjoyed many new activities with you, swim class, music class, gym class and storytime. How special it has been to see you light up with excitement with new activities and familiar faces. You have a close group of friends but seem to be most comfortable around Makena Marie. You are affectionate with many and reserve quiet times at the end of the day with osito and blankie in tow, which are still treasured. In your second year you have traveled to Mississippi and California to visit your grandparents and already have a frequent flyer number. You are fascinated with cars and trucks and things that go, but are starting to take a stronger interest in golf. hmm.  You continue to grow like a weed and strongly resemble your dad but people say you have facial features like mom. You are curious, cautious, spirited, active and loving. You are Davis Benjamin, our firstborn, their first grandchild. You are loved more than you'll ever know. You are 2!

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