Monday, May 28, 2012

Dump Truck Birthday Party Decor

Davis assisting auntie Lynz with the table wrapping. What a trooper she was. 

Invitation from Sara Luke:

Cone cups - not spill proof  but a hit with the kids.

Pops cooking up some guac.
Mimi helping with finishing touches to the grub.

Grandmother Jean's Pudding Recipe was a hit!

Dig-in! My efforts to contain the mess of sand with an underbed storage container.

Favor bags with construction vehicle inside.


  1. What a cute party! I love it. The pudding station is an awesome idea. Where did you find the toy hammers?

  2. Where did you find the hammers? I live the hammer station but can't find Roy hammers anywhere!

  3. Hammers are Handy Mandy ordered from Amazon.

  4. What about the drink cone cups? Where did you find them?

  5. Where did you find your stickers and what brand are they. I have looked everywhere and online. I want to make my own invitations and cupcake picks.

  6. I would like to know where you got the stickers too. I just did a construction party. Would like to do a frame with pictured from the party and cannot find stickers like that anywhere.