Monday, May 28, 2012

Davis' 2nd Birthday Party!

Davis' love of "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction site", a gift from my godmother, and his fascination with trucks and really, anything with wheels inspired this. We played off a dump truck he owned and went from there. We celebrated with friends and Mimi and Pops to represent the family side. Our friends here in Scottsdale are so much like family. I fear that this maybe one of our last birthday parties at home with Davis, so I wanted to make it quite special. He awoke from a long nap just 15 minutes before guests arrived. Mimi and Pops and Auntie Lynz helped us pull it off. Davis enjoyed digging in the sand and admiring the balloons. He shared his toys well and loved seeing his playmates. He wasn't interested in cupcakes this year but did enjoy a few M&M's when it was all over. His favorite toy was a wooden farm animal train. Thank goodness it was given at the end of the party as we could not pull him away from this. This also explains lack of pictures as I had planned. Mimi and Pops stayed with us this week and we celebrated his actual birthday with a cookie at swim class, lunch out and evening swim followed by a quiet dinner with Makena and Kristy. It gave us great memories and afforded an opportunity to truly celebrate his 2 years as a happy and healthy child. 

Train from Conor. Of course he picked it out himself.

Explaining the train of course.

Andrews family
Kate, clearly, had the best hat.

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