Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Playdate

The McLachlin's hosted this months playdate with Easter theme and all. It is always enjoyable to catch up with other moms of tots this age, even if spoken in interrupted phrases and clauses. We enjoyed some goodies and coffee before the kids were literally crying and hanging from the back door. The hunt was in a small pocket of the yard and a perfect size for these little ones. I can see it expanding as they are older. We placed some goodies inside the eggs which most weren't too interested. I think Bryce was the only champion who understood to find the egg and place in the basket before moving to the next. I think Davis was done when he say the swing. He might of fought Leonardo for this. Makena was the smartest. She found the egg, took out the goodie, dropped the empty egg and moved onto the next, swiftly. It was a beautiful Arizona day. We were sent home with freshly picked oranges, courtesy of Kristy and Davis. Davis and Makena had some quiet time playing in the rocks before lunch and a very long nap when we arrived home. Life is good. Thank you Kristy and Makena for hosting. (Parker too, for hiding the eggs!)

Monday, April 2, 2012

AZ visit in February

We were very lucky to have a week long visit from Mimi, Pops and Uncle Tim. They did their usual help around the house with Davis, chores and cooking. Tim had a few phone interviews and we shared in a little life with a toddler going to mom and tot classes and swim lessons. It was a very relaxing visit and we felt very lucky that Tim was able to tie in a visit to the desert. All pics are from him. He's super talented with the camera. One day I'm going to steal that lens when he's not looking. ;-) Davis enjoyed his bike ride with Tim as well as stretching on the floor with Pops and traversing the yard with Mimi.
az road trip 

"tall boy" 
Dead in the face -  how he looks at his mama as he climbs up objects he probably shouldn't.

china man
happy hour Scottsdale 


Swimming Days

Since September, Davis and I have been enjoying one morning a week at Hubbard Swim School. We have a 30 min lesson with just a couple of other tots and moms. Davis loves it and now has mastered many swim techniques including donning his goggles the entire lesson. At first, he refused but with some encouragement (see below), he is now all in. He actually requests them now. We loved his swim lessons and are looking forward to many, many swim days ahead this summer. I don't believe he'll be to interested in hanging around in the baby float this year. 
(some photos courtesy of uncle tim)

1,2,3 up...under
the plank
baby goggles are very tight


quiet time