Wednesday, November 30, 2011

18 Months

ABC's of Davis at 18 months

A is for Alone behind your rocking chair, reading is where we can find you sometimes. 
B is for golf Balls, which you throw in the pool and wait for the pool man to get out.
C is for Car where you can spend 45 minutes dancing and pretend steering. 
D is for Dada. Your're his #1 and he is yours.
E is for Excitement, over cars and dada.
F is for Family and you're the heart of ours.
G is Golf. Working on your golf swing looks like you're working a weedwacker.
H is for Hugs with a kind pat on the back.
I is for iphone or ipad pronounced "a-bone"
J is for Jump. jumping outside, in the pool, off the rock, on the bed or while dancing.
K is for "Key", often found ripping down the key tray to get just one. Car keys can often be found in your toy car.
L is for Laptop, which your often caught carrying around the house.
M is Mama. You sit contently when waking up and call out in many different inflections.
N is for no-no. A word use say while waving your finger. 
O is for Outside. Your favorite place to be.
P is for "Pease". Spoken and signed. 
Q is for Quijano, whose lips you still have.
R is for Rocks. You like to hold these and yes, throw these in the pool too.
S is for Shoes. Big ones, and socks which you pull off if shoes are not on.
T is for Tall, a Medley you are.
U is for "Up" or "Uppa" when wanting to be held, typically when moms cooking. 
Vis for "Vroom", when playing with your cars.
W is for Water  or "agua".  
X is for the X-ray we've dodged and the falls you've taken along the way. 
Y is for Yolanda. #1 nanny who takes you on endless walks to the park and library.
Z is for Zipper, which you are now assisting with on your jackets and sleepsacks. 

Weight: 28 lbs. (75th percentile)
Length: 36.2 in.  (97th percentile)
Diaper Size: 5 diaper
Shoe size: 8
Clothing size: 24mos-3T 

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