Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playdate at the Medleys- part deux

We hosted a playdate for our music friends last summer. It was fun to have everyone over. How they've grown in 9 months.

Lil driver
even the adults had a good time 

Playing the violin with golf club. amazing.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just a Saturday

Saturdays are fun days. We keep to our schedule, or i guess, Davis' schedule and arise early. This particular day, Davis and I painted inside as we were having some new rock put down. Very exciting here in the desert. His painting is a sight to behold. I give him free reign over colors but insist he use one brush per color. Yes, this is silly. I spend most of the time, wiping the paint cups, washing brushes, and wiping him down as he says "oh no" when he sees a spec of paint on his hand. This day, he managed to get his nose and hair. Not wanting to bathe him so early in the day, his head was dunked in the kitchen sink. He must have been relaxed after expressing his artistic side and exhausted from watching me work frantically to keep things clean that he laid down on the stone steps.