Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mississippi Christmas

Christmas in Mississippi  Dec 20 -25

We were blessed this Christmas in being able to travel to see both our families who were all together, a rare occurrence for both parties. We hit Jackson first, unfortunately so did the rain. Davis took over the house in energy, volume and toys. The rain kept us indoors most the time. His favorite spot was on the compute with the keyboard, checking out Bailey through the window (of course), staring at the tree and playing with the bear in his chair, a gift from Grandmother. He had lots of quality time dancing with Gran and visiting with his auntie Kate and Uncle William. We also had great visits with the extended family where he was able to meet some for the very first time. Highlights included dinner at the lake with the Nicholson side, attended Christmas eve service at St. Andrew's and enjoyed a quick Christmas eve dinner at the Mims with the Medley side before heading home to pack for out departure. It was a blessed Christmas in Mississippi. PS. Santa was good to all.

We could find him here typing away. We would have a had a crash if this keyboard was actually hooked to a computer.

We don't see rain that much in Arizona.

Can't remember being in this much awe growing up in Louisiana. 

Catching raindrops

Drops on the face

Meeting Baylor Bates, Lacey and Ham's 2 year old. 

He enjoyed looking at his reflection.

Time with Grandmother.

Gift from Gran and Grandmother.

goodbye rain.

goodbye Mississippi.

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