Saturday, December 31, 2011

Backyard Playing in California

The backyard at Mimi and Pops' is Davis' favorite because he can go out most of the day in comfortable weather and the fountain is always running and attracting the birds. He has always loved this fountain. As a newborn, he would immediately stop crying if he  heard the calming water. Now, its more the same. He'll fuss at the door until we take him out. He has been taught  by Pops how to skim. Pops now strategically places leaves or golf balls in the fountain for him to practice skimming. This can also be done with golf clubs. The older boys even had a chance to practice hitting into the fountain. As you can see Tim definitely needs some longer clubs. Davis would be covered in water each time he went out causing us to constantly wash clothes. But, he was happy no doubt.


Up with Pops

Up with dada

One armin' it
address position


eye on mom

short club

Morning in the yard


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