Thursday, January 26, 2012

Music Friends Playdate

We have enjoyed some regular playdates with our music class friends. It has been so wonderful to see these four grow together. Brydie and Bryce hosted us today at their home in Fountain Hills. We enjoyed the little ones, with coffee and coffee cake. We missed Makena and Kristy today but will hopefully have the crew together next month.  Thanks again Brydie for opening your home and Bryce for sharing your toys. 
Davis makes himself right at home
Leonardo rallied as this is his usual nap time. thank you Claudia.
playdates are exhausting
lil host
sharing - key component to playdates
i think we should look into one of these for him
Hostess and lil host, Bydie and Bryce. thank you.
sweet boy

piano man
these (eyes) are from his dad
Leonardo ready for that nap now
Claudia and Leonardo 

Around the house in January

We are relaxing after a crazy but very fall fun and holidays. Davis is in his routine, starting to sleep in and getting acquainted with his new friends. We are continuing our swim classes once a week and just started our Parent-Toddler class Tuesday mornings. We started the year off with a greeting by "bob". Davis knows we are not referring to our neighbor next door, but to our furry friends that like to take naps in our yard. We often ask  him where bob is and he peeks out the window in all curiosity. We also said goodbye to Andrew's volvo :-( and hello to our family's first SUV. It was a hard decision but we made the leap and have been very happy with our new Pilot. One of Davis' favorite spots is sitting in the drivers seat of our cars. He'll put on our sunglasses and jam out. Another one of his favorite spots, is in his learning tower. He was hysterical trying a lemon for the first time. If not in the car, or in his learning tower, you can find him scoping out the nearest iphone or ipad. We're working on this but a hopeless cause I think.

Hanging at the park 

ipad obsession
First lemon

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy at Home


Make-up Mishap

Is my lipstick on straight?

So we had a slight mishap with some mascara. Davis often enjoys taking out all my makeup and lining it up on the counter. While I was in the closet cleaning he took to it and has obviously learned how to radial deviate and unscrew things such as my mascara. Prior to this he was only able to do the opposite which posed no risk. I began to wipe it off but realized my camera was standing by. So, yes I feel guilty in my delay, but I'm sure you can appreciate the moment. oh my.