Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Scottsdale

I worked this Christmas so we enjoyed celebrating at home with Mimi and Pops, Jeff and Kanani. Unfortunately Davis became quite ill before Christmas with the croup, sinus and ear infection. This is the most ill he's been and the first antibiotic in his 2.5 years. He was quite sensitive dealing with the side affects of the antibiotic, little sleep and appetite. In the midst of his illness, we all  got a little cold of some sort and sent Mimi and Pops back home exhausted. Christmas Eve was a quiet dinner at home after my working. Christmas Day Davis awoke early and enjoyed opening his presents. His big present from Santa was a train table, his current obsession. He was on the mend when Kanani and Jeff arrived. We enjoyed our visit and celebrated their pregnancy (due in August). We had a night out to dinner at La Hacienda at the Princess and to see Les Mis. On Friday we celebrated Andrew's birthday with a bundt cake, crawfish etoufee and a bottle of '96 Dom Perignon. What a combination. We ended the night seeing the Christmas lights and riding the train at the Scottsdale Princess. We are very grateful for the family that traveled to be with us when we couldn't travel and deeply missed out family in the extended areas of the world. 

"basura!" truck

toasting our 6th wedding anniversary, mimi and pops' 36th, Andrew's birthday and Jeff's graduation with LLM

Thursday, December 13, 2012


We enjoyed another Thanksgiving with our dearest friends, the McLachlins. It was a rather warm fall day but enjoyable. We visited with friends in the morning at the Williams before returning home for Davis' nap as we prepped some dishes for dinner. We enjoyed turkey and ham with all the fixings. Andrew made his traditional Nicholson pecan pie. Davis and Makena enjoyed their turkey together and entertained us all. They had a great time together running around the yard and in the house. Despite the long day, he did not fall asleep until 9:45. His latest bedtime yet. We are grateful for such friend to spend the holiday with.

My Mama's Due...

with number TWO!

I've been meaning to do a post to formally announce our pregnancy and at the rate I'm going it might be sometime before I deliver. We are now 27 weeks pregnant. We had our growth ultrasound last month and decided to forgo finding out the sex. Exciting! We will have a few more ultrasounds late in the third trimester to get as close an estimate of size as we can to prepare for a safe deliver. As you remember, Davis was on the larger size which created some "issues" which we hope to avoid this time around. We are thrilled, excited and feel blessed to grow our family.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mississippi Christmas

We enjoyed an early Christmas visit with Gran and Grandmother in Mississippi. Kate and William were not able to make an early trip out and were dearly missed. Davis enjoyed some great time with cousins, including a trip to the Children's Museum with Cousin Grace, Grandmother and Nina. We had a family brunch at the house and enjoyed a night out at the Mayflower. Davis enjoyed his time at the house exploring the guitars, piano, old typewriter and getting more comfortable with Bailey. It was a memorable visit gearing up for the Christmas holiday. 

excitement of the airport tram or "train"
Children's Museum with cousin Grace

piano playing with cousin Fran
ornament with picture - a tradition from Grandmother

Train whistle from Grandmother and Gran. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

SLO for Straight Down

We made the annual trip to Straight Down's Fall Classic. Davis and I headed that way a few days early before Andrew and Ricky flew in. I didn't get many pics this time but did snap a few at the Avila Barn where we spent some time this summer. The memory of the animals were fresh with Davis and he enjoyed feeding the goats and seeing hundreds of pumpkins. Davis also made it out to the tournament to watch Dad play. He made it 4 holes before exhaustion set in. Andrew and Ricky were in the top 2 going into the last round before placing top 5 to finish. Looking forward to next year.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We enjoyed another Halloween at our friends', the Rathbuns. They live in a neighborhood just down the street on Phantom Way. Its a great party for kids and adults. Davis enjoyed dressing up as a fireman and seemed to be in awe the entire night of all different costumes and activity. This was our first year to actually trick or treat with him. We visited 6 or so houses and he did great saying "Trick or Treat" and "thank you". He was excited to carry his pumpkin bucket with candy inside although he's not much into the candy. Days after the bucket is still sitting on the table. He likes to play with the candy wrappers, just not eat it. I guess this is a result of not exposing him to candy and sweets earlier. I'm sure the years ahead will be different.

Rathbun Family

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We enjoyed a beautiful, somewhat fall feeling, day at McDonald's Pumpkin Patch just north of home. We had breakfast out before heading to the "farm". Last year, Davis was very skeptical about the animals but we made some ground this summer in California. He enjoyed a horseride with dad, petting zoo, tractor ride and pumpkin patch. He did pet the animals and was asking to feed the goats as we do in California. At the pumpkin patch, he did attempt to throw a few of the small ones. yikes. It's always fun for us to see him light up with curiosity and excitement. I know next year will be even better, especially with the four of us.


warming up

the winner

drivin' out