Saturday, December 31, 2011

Backyard Playing in California

The backyard at Mimi and Pops' is Davis' favorite because he can go out most of the day in comfortable weather and the fountain is always running and attracting the birds. He has always loved this fountain. As a newborn, he would immediately stop crying if he  heard the calming water. Now, its more the same. He'll fuss at the door until we take him out. He has been taught  by Pops how to skim. Pops now strategically places leaves or golf balls in the fountain for him to practice skimming. This can also be done with golf clubs. The older boys even had a chance to practice hitting into the fountain. As you can see Tim definitely needs some longer clubs. Davis would be covered in water each time he went out causing us to constantly wash clothes. But, he was happy no doubt.


Up with Pops

Up with dada

One armin' it
address position


eye on mom

short club

Morning in the yard


Friday, December 30, 2011

Latetia Winery - Arroyo Grande, CA

We spent our last evening on the West Coast at a favorite winery. We tasted, played bocce or petanque and watched the sunset. Davis ran up and down the court and yes made it difficult to play but we enjoyed it just the same. We enjoyed a nice bottle of Pinot and our last night visiting with family before heading home. Timothy took these beautiful pics.

Run Pops


Add caption



He could have played here for hours.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Andrew and I celebrated 5 years and Andrew's 32nd Birthday by a surprise night away to Bacara spa and resort. He arranged for mom and dad, allyson and tim to be on full Davis duty without leaking the exact location. We began the day having lunch as Los Olivos cafe and purchased an antique riddling rack, something we had eyed years ago. We continued our drive down and I began to tune in that he might be taking me to Bacara. I was so excited when we pulled up. We enjoyed tea while walking the grounds and then settled into our room. We had a fireplace with ocean view. So relaxing. It was nice to hear the Pacific ocean as we reflected on our wedding day a few hours north of there. Wonderful memories indeed.

View from our room

Bacara keeps some beautiful grounds. This succulent arrangement was in the courtyard of one of their buildings. I love succulents and hope to have the courage to grow them myself one day.

During their migration to Mexico, the monarchs stop and rest in the eucalyptus trees along the West Coast. Bacara's Christmas decor incorporated it so beautifully. 

We hope to return one day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kynsi Winery

We enjoyed a relaxed tasting, little picnic and beautiful sunset at Kysi Winery. The winery is named for its barn owls that inhabit the barn and help keep the gopher population in check. The word is a nesting pair of barn owls can clear close to 40 gophers in a night for their young. Serious business. Luckily they weren't hanging around to swipe little Davis up. He enjoyed the grounds while toting our rolling ice chest. Little pleasures for this one. He simply loved being outdoors exploring and snacking on crackers.

Spotting Pops with the rolling ice chest.