Sunday, December 25, 2011

California Christmas

Christmas in California Dec 25-30.

We arrived Christmas night after a long day of flying. We were greeted by my entire family including a dear family friend from LA, Dave Roth. We had Christmas dinner, whisked Davis to bed and then enjoyed opening presents. Davis awoke in the AM to his gifts. The next morning we enjoyed a stroll on the pier while Jeff and Tim braved the waves. It was mom and Dad's 35th wedding anniversary and a beautiful day. We visited most the day as Jeff and Kanani returned home that day. We spent the rest of the week, visiting with family, visiting wineries, parks and the beach. It was wonderful  again to have the entire family together especially seeing Uncle Tim from China. Tim has become quite the photographer and took some beautiful pics, some of which are below.

little traveler
uncle tim

auntie nani
Chinese kaliedoscope from uncle tim
watching the waves through the cracks
shades on the pier 
happy anniversary

brave brothers
mimi and pops


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  1. So I guess Davis was taking the picture of all the adults? These pictures are so great. Any chance of a Baton Rouge trip?!?!?