Wednesday, November 30, 2011

18 Months

ABC's of Davis at 18 months

A is for Alone behind your rocking chair, reading is where we can find you sometimes. 
B is for golf Balls, which you throw in the pool and wait for the pool man to get out.
C is for Car where you can spend 45 minutes dancing and pretend steering. 
D is for Dada. Your're his #1 and he is yours.
E is for Excitement, over cars and dada.
F is for Family and you're the heart of ours.
G is Golf. Working on your golf swing looks like you're working a weedwacker.
H is for Hugs with a kind pat on the back.
I is for iphone or ipad pronounced "a-bone"
J is for Jump. jumping outside, in the pool, off the rock, on the bed or while dancing.
K is for "Key", often found ripping down the key tray to get just one. Car keys can often be found in your toy car.
L is for Laptop, which your often caught carrying around the house.
M is Mama. You sit contently when waking up and call out in many different inflections.
N is for no-no. A word use say while waving your finger. 
O is for Outside. Your favorite place to be.
P is for "Pease". Spoken and signed. 
Q is for Quijano, whose lips you still have.
R is for Rocks. You like to hold these and yes, throw these in the pool too.
S is for Shoes. Big ones, and socks which you pull off if shoes are not on.
T is for Tall, a Medley you are.
U is for "Up" or "Uppa" when wanting to be held, typically when moms cooking. 
Vis for "Vroom", when playing with your cars.
W is for Water  or "agua".  
X is for the X-ray we've dodged and the falls you've taken along the way. 
Y is for Yolanda. #1 nanny who takes you on endless walks to the park and library.
Z is for Zipper, which you are now assisting with on your jackets and sleepsacks. 

Weight: 28 lbs. (75th percentile)
Length: 36.2 in.  (97th percentile)
Diaper Size: 5 diaper
Shoe size: 8
Clothing size: 24mos-3T 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We enjoyed another second thanksgiving with the McLachlin and Smith Families. They are wonderfully gracious to our family. We contributed by cooking potatoes, baked brie, pecan pie and bringing the ham and rolls. They decorated beautifully, as always. The babies partook in their first Thanksgiving meal although Davis preferred to eat solo after all had left the table. I think he was overwhelmed. We enjoyed our time so much, catching up with friends and watching our families grow together. We are very thankful for dear friends like this who are so much more than just our Scottsdale family.

 Going in for the kill! 
We encourage lots of affection between these two. They've been around eachother since birth and will continue to grow up like sister and brother. 

After dinner, they were much more comfortable playing on the ground. I guess they were done with all the fuss. 

One year later. What a difference. Makena (3.5 mos) Davis (6 mos).
We are most thankful for these little ones. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Haircut

This is to certify that 
Davis Benjamin Medley
on this day, the 19th of November, 2011
submitted bravely and cheerfully 
to the clippers and shears of the Grayhawk Barber shop.

He was indeed brave. No whimpers, whines or tears. He was squinting a bit but enjoyed time on Dad's lap while watching Elmo on the ipad. We were prepared. 
(kinda miss that mullet now)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to my best friend...

twin sister, partner in crime, loving daughter, accomplished attorney and humanitarian and treasured tante, Allyson.

Best birthday wishes from the desert to the Congo!