Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween with the Medleys

We were so happy to have Grandmother and Gran here for the weekend especially for Halloween. We had a relaxing weekend. Of course, it was too short. Andrew and I went off to work Monday morning and left Gran and Grandmother in charge. They stuck to the schedule and had some adventures at the park. Davis was given great attention as he danced and ran. I know he especially loved being read to each night by Grandmother. We were happy to introduce them to some of our friends for a Halloween party. I don't think they were prepared for the amount of chaos that comes with a Halloween party full of toddlers. Because I assumed this would be the last year Davis does not have a strong opinion about his costume, I chose Yoda. He actually wore it the entire time...ears and all.

Davis and Gran having some ipad time. Davis was probably watching Elmo and Gran reading the Journal.

Jean and I were laughing hysterically while Davis tried to stay on two feet when he put her glasses on. He was taking giant step trying to figure out the distortion. He was determined. We were in tears.


Yoda with bumble bee Makena. She was excited this night.

Andrew, Davis and Kristy

Our little jedi

Makena wore one of Kristy's costumes from her toddler days. It was precious. And yes, we encourage lots of  kisses. We figure these two need to like each other. 

We managed to pass another candy driven holiday without ingesting any. He had more fun at shaking and swinging this around. 

Makena, the godfather and Grandmother

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