Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween with the Medleys

We were so happy to have Grandmother and Gran here for the weekend especially for Halloween. We had a relaxing weekend. Of course, it was too short. Andrew and I went off to work Monday morning and left Gran and Grandmother in charge. They stuck to the schedule and had some adventures at the park. Davis was given great attention as he danced and ran. I know he especially loved being read to each night by Grandmother. We were happy to introduce them to some of our friends for a Halloween party. I don't think they were prepared for the amount of chaos that comes with a Halloween party full of toddlers. Because I assumed this would be the last year Davis does not have a strong opinion about his costume, I chose Yoda. He actually wore it the entire time...ears and all.

Davis and Gran having some ipad time. Davis was probably watching Elmo and Gran reading the Journal.

Jean and I were laughing hysterically while Davis tried to stay on two feet when he put her glasses on. He was taking giant step trying to figure out the distortion. He was determined. We were in tears.


Yoda with bumble bee Makena. She was excited this night.

Andrew, Davis and Kristy

Our little jedi

Makena wore one of Kristy's costumes from her toddler days. It was precious. And yes, we encourage lots of  kisses. We figure these two need to like each other. 

We managed to pass another candy driven holiday without ingesting any. He had more fun at shaking and swinging this around. 

Makena, the godfather and Grandmother

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This age is a great age. I know we'll say it many times over through the years but we had more fun watching these little ones. We visited a pumpkin patch with the McLachlin Family just up the road this past Saturday. Despite unusually warm fall weather we enjoyed our fall experience. Davis is still cautious when it comes to petting zoos despite Makena's eager spirit with them. We went for a hayride and picked pumpkins and finished the morning with a snowball. The highlight was watching the two of them embrace in the patch (at least Makena did ;-) Davis stood with a perplexed look probably wandering why were laughing so hard. We came home with a few pumpkins, one of which is Davis'. I'm shocked this pumpkin has survived five days despite being carried and dropped around the house. Looking forward to next year with possible pony rides, haze maze and sack races.

  Happy Fall Y'all! 

Andrew, Davis and "the Godfather" Parker  

Davis cuddling up at the petting zoo

I think he's staring at the mini horses. Yes Davis, they don't look right to me either.  
Hayride. Our driver named Dallas with his horses, Smith and Wesson - seriously.
Think this one will do.

Makena giving lots of love. Davis is not sure whats happening.

My little cowboy. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saunders in Scottsdale

Amanda and Ryan visited us this weekend. Upon their last visit to Scottsdale, we were newly weds and had just moved into our new home in Scottsdale. Since then, they have moved to Austin, remodeled a home, married and survived cancer. Amanda is in great health now and looks amazing. Blessings indeed! They molded right in to our toddler driven schedule. We did have some adult time too, visiting the spa, drinks and dinner out. We had a wonderful visit and look forward to visiting them in Austin sooner than later.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tired Frog

Just a Monday night. Story time at the Library must have been exhausting. Andrew and I were not sure he would make it through dinner when he looked like this after his bath. He was crying out of fatigue after his bath so Andrew walked him outside and he started to doze. Sweet moment. I guess a 7PM bedtime is just too late some days.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Davis and his many hats

Very first hat.

First pool hat 

Golf hat


Classic beanie



Knit hat for Christmas

Pool hat
winter hat

Classic cap

Grandpa hat

Cubbies hat