Monday, September 26, 2011

Visit to Jackson

We just returned from an exciting trip to Mississippi to see Andrew's parents. We were greeted with some very loving grandparents who gave their house up to toys and an energetic toddler. Davis managed to only break something at Gran's office - sheesh. We're real sorry about that. We were able to attend Gran's open house the night we arrived. We took Davis on some nice walks in the neighborhood, to the Jackson zoo, the Mayflower and to St. Andrew's church. We kept it low key as visitor's go as we gear up for our visit at Christmas, but were able to visit and play with out cousins, Polly, Annie and Grace. Betsy (andrew's first cousin) and Trey have four kids. I know my parents do too but we now have a sincere understanding of what this means. They were wonderfully behaved and were great with Davis. We are already preparing for our Christmas trip already. In the mean time, we will be working on Davis' interaction with pets so maybe  Bailey may get at least a small pet. Its always good to be home with family and to share these special times with them.
The boys

Through the screen porch. Andrew giving Davis a pep talk on interacting with Bailey. Bailey is so dear. Never came at him but simply wagged his tail. 

Gran being showered with beads.

He walked around with these for awhile. We laughed and laughed. 

Grandmother sharing the phone with Davis.

Taking a snack break at the zoo where we Saturday morning with cousins Betsy and daughter Grace. Grace, 3 1/2, provided a guided tour of the zoo. 

He was mesmerized by the Merry Go Round but I don't think he was quite into the ride. I think next year we'll try. 

Would love to know what you're thinking.

Grandmother learned quickly how to spot him as he climbs.

Polly and Annie sharing their mom's iphone. 

Annie was so sweet with him.

Polly, Annie and Grace. Their brother, Garner, was at the game with dad. 

Playing the piano after church.

"Gentle Davis!"

These two together = trouble

I love this picture as it captured him running room to room barefoot in their home. Here he kept his distance while Gran played the dancing wooden man. It was hysterical to watch this. He's more cautious than you'd think. We'll look forward to it again at Christmas.

Thank you Grandmother and Gran for a treasured visit. Little man was exhausted and fell asleep on his nanny's lap at 10AM today  and was asleep by 6:30PM. We'll see you next month for some Halloween fun. 

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  1. Love those Mardi Gras beads! He looks so adorable in that blue bubble. Actually, I think he looks adorable in everything!