Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best buddies

Davis and Makena have known eachother from the beginning but are finally engaging eachother. Davis hasn't pushed her over recently and he's understanding to share. Makena is very patient with him and will simply move onto another toy when Davis steals one.  Its very neat to watch, supervise and chaperone them now and we know its just the beginning for these two. This evening they swam together with the daddies and Davis helped push Makena in his car. We had a small 'mishap' between Davis' forehead and the pebble-tech pool where no details are needed. The cut is not very deep but its like he seriously had pebble-tech imprinted on his forehead. Fair warning to anyone who visits...blood will be shed. Goodness me.
Just in time to visit Grandmother and Gran :-(

Kristy and I are constantly chasing these two stealing eachothers' sippy cups. Here Makena is sipping some of Davis' left over milk. I love that they're toe to toe here.

I tried to capture the discrepancy in shoe size but I don't think you can quite get the picture. Davis is a ridiculous size 7 and Makena a sweet size 2. 

Davis sits quietly for few things in life...one of which is Carrie Underwood. Here he is with our friend Uncle Benny. They sat in the office for so long watching her videos online over and over. It was so sweet. 

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