Tuesday, August 9, 2011

California: Second Week

Our second week in California consisted of more parks, piers, our trip to Chicago and Davis' first clementine.
First real shiner appeared after running into a table and thirty minutes later hitting the stone while his hands were occupied with golf balls, of course. 

First clementine from the tree in Mimi and Pops yard.

I believe he's contemplating if its worth the peel.

And after more contemplating and encouragement, he went for it. We just had to hold him back from placing the entire thing in his mouth.

It was a dark day when I let my son put his hand in the bird fountain. Something I swore would never happen.

In the car on the way to the beach. Those eyes are Medley and a bit of Mimi. 

Saturday morning at the Pismo Beach pier. 

He spent alot of time looking in the direction of the ocean.

And the rest up in at the seagulls.

Park shoes.
One day, I wont be able to remember how small these feet were. 

Even mom got a swing this time.
This is as still as he can be at a park.

There is a long story behind this picture and the conversation that took place between these two. It was something about an orka, Pops being attacked by the orka, Pops killing the orka, Davis crying and then being afraid of Pops. But this moment occurred after and from the looks of it, they made their peace. 

Davis and Pops

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