Thursday, August 11, 2011


For our final week in California, we were joined by Andrew, the entire Carlucci clan from MA and my brother Jeff and his new bride, Kanani.  We had more trips to the beach where Andrew became hooked on boogie boarding.  The only way to brave this mid 50 degree water is with a wet suit. Much different than the Gulf.  We also celebrated Pops' 64th Birthday. It was a great conclusion to a memorable few weeks. We are back in Phoenix for six weeks before our inaugural trip to Mississippi. We are looking forward to some quality time with Gran and Grandmother and introducing Davis to his extended Mississippi family.
Start hiding the antiques Grandmother!

Not sure who is more excited here. 

At the Avila Barn petting zoo. Davis is still skeptical/scared when it comes to farm animals. Andrew was having a talk with him  about this in front of the chickens. Ironic?

Mom with her sister, my godmother, Pandora.

The view at happy hour 

Davis with Auntie Nani at the park

Celebrating Dad's 64th Birthday. Yes dad, we went with the bigger cake. 

The boys at the beach.

Davis took to the waves no problem.

Uncle Mike taught him many things during our visit including the Manny Ramirez double point and how much fun a big cardboard box can really be. 
Medley Family - Summer 2011


  1. Ah a comforting photo of you- your clip and a to-go cup of coffee. My sweet Maris... your precious family! This post brings me so much joy! Thank you!

  2. You captured all the wonderful moments of an amazing month! Makes me smile to enjoy the memories.