Tuesday, August 30, 2011

15 months: To know Davis is...

To know Davis is to know he is a morning person, just like mom and dad.
To know Davis is to know how he carries his drum to whoever he can get to play.
To know Davis is to know he loves music and dances everyday.
To know Davis is to know he eats 5 courses at every meal. 
To know Davis is to know he loves gadgets and technology especially his phone.
To know Davis is to know he communicates by signing.
To know Davis is to know he loves swimming and going under water with dad. 
To know Davis is to know he understands Spanish and enjoys going to the library with Yolanda.
To know Davis is to know how he loves his blue blankie, a gift from his great Aunt March.
To know Davis is to know that he likes to swing.
To know Davis is to know he is learning how to share.
To know Davis is to know that he has mastered drinking his milk with no hands while he plays with toys.
To know Davis is to know he likes Sesame Street and will sit still for only this.
To know Davis is to know he will tee-tee if his diaper is off for more than 8 seconds. 
To know Davis is to know he loves to skype with anyone available. 
To know Davis is to know he has a mouth full of teeth and smiles to show them off.
To know Davis is to know he does not like to eat solo and prefers our family dinners. 
To know Davis is to know he likes to brush his teeth with daddy's toothbrush - yuck.
To know Davis is to know he likes to wave to anyone in a checkout line. 
To know Davis is to know he takes one amazing 2-3 hour nap.
To know Davis is to know he likes to be pushed around in his car in the house.
To know Davis is to know he can stand on his drum independently.
To know Davis is to know he can climb on the hearth, but can not climb down. 
To know Davis is to know he blows kisses when someone says 'I love you'.
To know Davis is to melt into those blue eyes.
To know Davis is to know his laugh is infectious.
To know Davis is to laugh and play and never stop running.
To know Davis is to know he has crazy moments and quiet ones too.
To know Davis is to know he likes to carry a ball or phone in his hand at all times.
To know Davis is to know he wears a size 5 diaper, 24 mo -2T clothing, and size 7 shoe.
To know Davis is to know he is tall and lean, just like a Medley.
To know Davis is to know our hearts.

15 month stats:
Weight: 26.8 lbs. (77th percentile)
Length: 36.2 in.  (97th percentile)
Diaper Size: 5 diaper
Shoe size: 7... seriously?
Clothing size: 24mos-2T 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

'Say hello to my little friend'

Tante Allyson is conducting election observation in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I always knew she had a little 'bad boy' in her but, but this totally confirms it.
Allyson did explain that she was just wasting time and was invited by a UN security officer. Apparently this is a G36, the weapon of choice for the UN Security force.  Why not an AK47 you ask? "They're associated with terrorists." Right... and the G36 looks like a mere pistol. That's what 2 weeks in Africa will do to an attorney. HA! Either way, I think my mom will feel much better about her security if she's able to look at her daughter in this pic everyday until she's back on US soil.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Makena!

On Sunday we celebrated our nearest and dearest friends daugther's, and Davis' best buddy, Makena's first birthday.  In Hawaii, a Luau is tradition for first birthdays. So in Smith fashion, they created an amazing party. As noted in previous posts, we have witnessed many special moments with the McLachlin's and this day was another addition. We enjoyed visiting with friends, sipping on Mai Tai's and munching on delicious food. Makena was in great spirits, didn't cry when we sang and took down her first cupcake attempting to eat the paper too! Sweet Makena Marie, we are so happy to have shared so much of your first year with you. We can not wait for all that this next year holds...walking, talking, oh my!
Actual Birthday celebration August 11th at Oreganos. It was hot.

Davis standing guard at the exersaucer. He was not really interested in sharing Makena's  toy with anyone.  :-( We're working on this. 

Davis, me and Auntie Lynz

Birthday Bliss.
There could be so many captions for this. It's my favorite pic of the day.

Picture with the babies.

Music Class Babies: Makena, Davis and Bryce 

McLachlin Family - Makena's 1st Birthday Luau

Thursday, August 11, 2011


For our final week in California, we were joined by Andrew, the entire Carlucci clan from MA and my brother Jeff and his new bride, Kanani.  We had more trips to the beach where Andrew became hooked on boogie boarding.  The only way to brave this mid 50 degree water is with a wet suit. Much different than the Gulf.  We also celebrated Pops' 64th Birthday. It was a great conclusion to a memorable few weeks. We are back in Phoenix for six weeks before our inaugural trip to Mississippi. We are looking forward to some quality time with Gran and Grandmother and introducing Davis to his extended Mississippi family.
Start hiding the antiques Grandmother!

Not sure who is more excited here. 

At the Avila Barn petting zoo. Davis is still skeptical/scared when it comes to farm animals. Andrew was having a talk with him  about this in front of the chickens. Ironic?

Mom with her sister, my godmother, Pandora.

The view at happy hour 

Davis with Auntie Nani at the park

Celebrating Dad's 64th Birthday. Yes dad, we went with the bigger cake. 

The boys at the beach.

Davis took to the waves no problem.

Uncle Mike taught him many things during our visit including the Manny Ramirez double point and how much fun a big cardboard box can really be. 
Medley Family - Summer 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

California: Second Week

Our second week in California consisted of more parks, piers, our trip to Chicago and Davis' first clementine.
First real shiner appeared after running into a table and thirty minutes later hitting the stone while his hands were occupied with golf balls, of course. 

First clementine from the tree in Mimi and Pops yard.

I believe he's contemplating if its worth the peel.

And after more contemplating and encouragement, he went for it. We just had to hold him back from placing the entire thing in his mouth.

It was a dark day when I let my son put his hand in the bird fountain. Something I swore would never happen.

In the car on the way to the beach. Those eyes are Medley and a bit of Mimi. 

Saturday morning at the Pismo Beach pier. 

He spent alot of time looking in the direction of the ocean.

And the rest up in at the seagulls.

Park shoes.
One day, I wont be able to remember how small these feet were. 

Even mom got a swing this time.
This is as still as he can be at a park.

There is a long story behind this picture and the conversation that took place between these two. It was something about an orka, Pops being attacked by the orka, Pops killing the orka, Davis crying and then being afraid of Pops. But this moment occurred after and from the looks of it, they made their peace. 

Davis and Pops