Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flagstaff for the 4th

We were so lucky to escape the record setting heat in Phoenix and head two hours north to Flagstaff. Andrew's partner has a home in the development of Forest Highlands and allowed us to stay there for the weekend. Many thanks to the Corneys. After a short drive we were almost 40 degrees cooler. We kept it simple, eating outside, letting Davis run around on the deck, playing on the golf course and dining with friends. Unfortunately, we missed the 4th of July parade that was moved to Monday due to a storm. It was a relaxing weekend and easy trip. Davis slept through the night but was clearly exhausted with all the activities and his ability to play outside. We returned home to have a low key BBQ with one of our dearest, Suzanne, who is expecting Baby Brady next month.
In the car on the ride up. 

Talking strategy.

Some of the course hills proved a little much for him. We would laugh as sometimes he would tumble down just to get back up and do it again. 

Davis in his bumbo enjoying the outdoor dining. This place must be beautiful with snow.

Andrew on the range, in his element with a glass of pinot. 

Happy hour was on the range at Forest Highlands, where they closed the range for the evening. Hundreds of kids filled it  playing ball games, playing in the jump houses, etc. We had a BBQ with the Gazeway family, gracious hosts.

Wrestling with dad and Ben

After taking a bottle, he crawled half over to Andrew's lap, laid his head and fell asleep. No sleep ritual needed tonight. It was precious. I think he had fun.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!! What's missing? YOUR FACE!!! I want to see it!