Friday, July 22, 2011

CALIFORNIA: 1st week

Davis and I are vacationing in San Luis Obispo with my parents. We were counting down the days as we've been housebound by the heat and my healing shoulder. We've been here a week and have enjoyed daily outings to farms, piers and parks. He is sleeping amazingly, often past six, and today took a three hour nap. We might be wearing him out a little. He has been literally running outside as well as having some time to slowly cruise around the yard here at the house. Here are just a few moments captured in our first days. More to come when I return from Chicago next week. Mimi and Pops are on full Davis duty as I fly to meet Andrew in Chicago for a few days. What a treat, but being the first trip without him, I will surely miss this sweet face.
Playing at the neighborhood park. At times, he is more interested in the bark or mulch. 

Taking a break with Mimi from swinging at the Avila Beach park. 

At Windmill Farms, Davis was more interested in the smaller animals such as this turkey. The larger animals, such as the goats and pony, were a little much for him. 

Windmill Farms with petting zoo and all. 

A mama's boy, reading the directions and following the rules. I actually believe he recognized the letters and started pointing to them just like we do with his ABC book. 

Walking on the Pismo Beach pier on a foggy afternoon. Davis ran on the pier until a seagull caught his eye. He would stop dead in his tracks. 

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