Friday, July 15, 2011

Au Revoir Tante

To the DRC she goes...that is the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Yes, Africa. My twin sister has received a job with the Carter Center and will be abroad for 6 months. We are soooo proud. This makes 2 of my siblings abroad now and we don't mean Western Europe.  She will be helping hold elections in this country and will be able to use her French.  We were very sad thinking we would not see her before she departs as this happened in a matter of weeks but....a mechanical problem with the plane put her in Phoenix overnight before her return to DC. We had a short but sweet visit. I think Davis enjoyed dancing to Justin Bieber with her and I of course enjoyed seeing them interact. She is very sweet with him, explaining things to him including why his mom is crazy and the explanations behind her idiosyncrasies.  I know Davis will miss her but probably not as much as me.  But its us. Thats her thing. She'll go abroad again and travel the world and I'll be right here in my cozy home. And we'll both be very happy in our own 'worlds'. That's why we're twins and why we complement eachother so well. Its what I love about her. Thank you Tante for such a sweet stay, we'll miss you oh so much while you're away. Looking forward to some Skype dates and hearing of your great adventures.

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  1. Such different women, such beautiful women, both of you fulfilled in what you do. I love you both!!