Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chicago in July

Andrew and I had the opportunity to have a vacation, getaway and second honeymoon (as all trips without baby are referred to now). We were hosted by the Ardelean family, Agatha and George, who split time in Chicago and Scottsdale. I met Andrew Saturday night. We had a drink and a late dinner, 11PM! We dined at a sidewalk table and enjoyed watching the busy Chicago streets. Our week was enjoyable, relaxing and much needed. Andrew and I had some time to ourselves and time with friends. We ate delicious food, shopped, visited the pier, a day sap and caught a Cubs game.  We missed our sweet boy so much but were able to get daily pics, Facetime, texts and emails from Mimi and Pops in California. Davis didn't flinch from schedule or temperament. Makes us think we should of done this much earlier. We are grateful for my parents watching Davis and are looking forward to our next adventure.

Sunday afternoon at Wrigley. We enjoyed seats a few rows up on the 1st baseline before the sun slowly crept our way. It was great to see this ballpark. 

When the sun came, Chicago felt like Louisiana (having recently rained). We had a drink with a friend (sports agent) in these seats, the GM's. 

On Navy Pier

The Ardeleans after a wonderful dinner atop the Hancock Building. We visited the bar after for a closer view but alas, no capuccino served here. George was really interested in a one, note his expression. 
On the 96th floor of the Hancock Building. 

And we came home to this with a souvenir.

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Trip to the Beach

Davis' first trip to the beach began with the purchase of his own wet suit. Yes, they make them this small. He brought the Body Glove back in true style. He slowly crept to the water, although we did have to hold him back as the tide was rising. He was braver than I. I can't seem to get over the 50+ degrees water. This is the first of his many trips to the beach. I think he'll be on a surf board in no time. He's waiting for daddy to come out for that one.

Friday, July 22, 2011

CALIFORNIA: 1st week

Davis and I are vacationing in San Luis Obispo with my parents. We were counting down the days as we've been housebound by the heat and my healing shoulder. We've been here a week and have enjoyed daily outings to farms, piers and parks. He is sleeping amazingly, often past six, and today took a three hour nap. We might be wearing him out a little. He has been literally running outside as well as having some time to slowly cruise around the yard here at the house. Here are just a few moments captured in our first days. More to come when I return from Chicago next week. Mimi and Pops are on full Davis duty as I fly to meet Andrew in Chicago for a few days. What a treat, but being the first trip without him, I will surely miss this sweet face.
Playing at the neighborhood park. At times, he is more interested in the bark or mulch. 

Taking a break with Mimi from swinging at the Avila Beach park. 

At Windmill Farms, Davis was more interested in the smaller animals such as this turkey. The larger animals, such as the goats and pony, were a little much for him. 

Windmill Farms with petting zoo and all. 

A mama's boy, reading the directions and following the rules. I actually believe he recognized the letters and started pointing to them just like we do with his ABC book. 

Walking on the Pismo Beach pier on a foggy afternoon. Davis ran on the pier until a seagull caught his eye. He would stop dead in his tracks. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Au Revoir Tante

To the DRC she goes...that is the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Yes, Africa. My twin sister has received a job with the Carter Center and will be abroad for 6 months. We are soooo proud. This makes 2 of my siblings abroad now and we don't mean Western Europe.  She will be helping hold elections in this country and will be able to use her French.  We were very sad thinking we would not see her before she departs as this happened in a matter of weeks but....a mechanical problem with the plane put her in Phoenix overnight before her return to DC. We had a short but sweet visit. I think Davis enjoyed dancing to Justin Bieber with her and I of course enjoyed seeing them interact. She is very sweet with him, explaining things to him including why his mom is crazy and the explanations behind her idiosyncrasies.  I know Davis will miss her but probably not as much as me.  But its us. Thats her thing. She'll go abroad again and travel the world and I'll be right here in my cozy home. And we'll both be very happy in our own 'worlds'. That's why we're twins and why we complement eachother so well. Its what I love about her. Thank you Tante for such a sweet stay, we'll miss you oh so much while you're away. Looking forward to some Skype dates and hearing of your great adventures.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flagstaff for the 4th

We were so lucky to escape the record setting heat in Phoenix and head two hours north to Flagstaff. Andrew's partner has a home in the development of Forest Highlands and allowed us to stay there for the weekend. Many thanks to the Corneys. After a short drive we were almost 40 degrees cooler. We kept it simple, eating outside, letting Davis run around on the deck, playing on the golf course and dining with friends. Unfortunately, we missed the 4th of July parade that was moved to Monday due to a storm. It was a relaxing weekend and easy trip. Davis slept through the night but was clearly exhausted with all the activities and his ability to play outside. We returned home to have a low key BBQ with one of our dearest, Suzanne, who is expecting Baby Brady next month.
In the car on the ride up. 

Talking strategy.

Some of the course hills proved a little much for him. We would laugh as sometimes he would tumble down just to get back up and do it again. 

Davis in his bumbo enjoying the outdoor dining. This place must be beautiful with snow.

Andrew on the range, in his element with a glass of pinot. 

Happy hour was on the range at Forest Highlands, where they closed the range for the evening. Hundreds of kids filled it  playing ball games, playing in the jump houses, etc. We had a BBQ with the Gazeway family, gracious hosts.

Wrestling with dad and Ben

After taking a bottle, he crawled half over to Andrew's lap, laid his head and fell asleep. No sleep ritual needed tonight. It was precious. I think he had fun.

My two boys

Dear Davis,
 This is just a sweet moment, captured one evening when daddy returned home from work.  You run to the door when you hear it open. You always have special cuddle time and your valuable quiet time reserved just for him. I think its because you know he had a long day at the office.  You like to follow him around the house, carrying your golf club just like him.  You love dancing while he plays the drum although you clearly get your dance moves from your mom. You are tall just like him and tower over some others who are older than you. You love to be outside where dad lets you go free without shoes or socks, although he recently took you to the park with just socks on.  You get your gorgeous blue eyes and your hysterical personality from him. You both bless me everyday with love and sweet moments like this.