Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Through his eyes

The Teacher

Walk slowly, little one, and let me walk beside you,
as you see the wonders you will see.
And I will try to see them through your eyes...
eyes still fresh and beauty seeking;
eyes that do not hide behind the dimming veil of ugliness.

Tell me what you see when birds fly by...
when buds of green appear on April's trees.
Tell me about the ripples on the pond,
and the colors of the flowers.

There is so much I need to know;
so much I have forgotten
I remember only how to look.
I do not remember how to see.
So let me walk along with you
and share the world you know.
I will be the learner.
You will be the teacher.

This poem is from Jim Metcalf's In Some Quiet Place.  He is  a favorite poet of my family who worked in New Orleans. He is a beautiful writer.  Davis, like many children I assume, find such joy in everday moments and things. Things we take for granted. In this picture, he may have been watching the birds, the trees in the wind, or the pool man skimming ;-).  I love to capture these moments. You can see him learning and at the same time he teaches us and reminds us to slow down and appreciate. 

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