Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Playdate at the Medleys

Davis was enrolled a great music class for babies earlier this Spring.  He loved it. He danced, played the drum, shook his shakers and gave the mama a workout as she pranced him around the room. The class was small and we were able to meet some great babies and their mamas. Davis and I hosted a playdate. It was strategically scheduled between naps to the best of our ability. We had a quick lunch ourselves and tried to control the chaos. I attempted to snap a few photos but most are a blur as they are 'a movin'.  Although most are not in focus its great to see everyone's expression in the background and such. You will notice Davis' new milestone of climbing. Thank you Claudia for rescuing him as I was trying to snap away. All the babies are a few months apart. It will be fun to watch them all grow up. Thanks girls for traveling up this way. Hope to do it again soon.

Bryce trying out the walker wagon. Highly recommend it. 
Davis was trying to touch Claudia's beautiful hair clip.

Bryce and Brydie.

Makena taking off. 

He's thinking about trouble.



Cute boys

Bryce is holding the bridge. 

Makena and Leonardo. I can't help but comment on his feet - seriously just like Davis' hobbit feet.

Sweet Makena putting up with all the boys

Kristy and Makena.

Group shot and Davis on the drum. Love Leonardo's face.

Thank you Claudia. He gets this from his father or maybe his auntie allyson.

Someone wants the camera...
Makena playing so sweetly. 
The end.


  1. Love to see how Makena calmly plays while surrounded by the frenzy. Davis on the drum is hilarious. Time to put the kitchen chairs out of reach on top of the table?

  2. You haven't lived until you've climbed a dresser. On my next visit, I'll share my pointers.