Monday, May 30, 2011

Davis' Birthday Week.

Oh, what a week. We began the week to ring in Davis' first birthday, with an early visit from Mom. She helped with Davis of course and with getting the house ready. She was here for Davis' actual birthday. We enjoyed a nice lunch with the birthday boy and came home for some cake, his first bout of real sugar. As you can see he liked it. We also had a nice visit at the pediatrician's office the next day, where despite bringing cookies, they gave him a nice round of shots :-( (see stats below). The fun began here, where I lost my balance and fell off a ladder while hanging drapes and avulsed my left greater tubercle. So, I'll spare the details, but thank goodness mom was with me and a fracture is all I had. Needless to say, plans changed a little and we had a quieter birthday celebration, which I think was for the best. I was grateful to have my family here to celebrate. We had relaxing days of swimming, cooking and a little home improvement - thanks dad. Some pics leading up to our small celebration.

The boys. Notice the 'Max Liquidator' that Andrew bought for Davis - yeah right.

With Pops at the Four Seasons

Little appetizer of puffs with Mimi.

Had to include this one. Shocking that we 4 Quijano children are still in one piece considering dad's parenting skills (kidding). Love Allyson's expression. 

sweetest pic

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  1. A beautiful collection of photos that capture the fun and happiness of the week we were together for sweet Davis' first birthday. Great times, great memories!