Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Davis' Birthday Celebration

Andrew and I are forever grateful to my parents and sister who traveled to be with us and then essentially took control of the cooking organizing for Davis' celebration. We had a small BBQ at home and had only our nearest and dearest friends, the McLachlins, to celebrate considering the situation I was in. Allyson was the baker and baked a smashcake from scratch along with cupcakes. It was all delish. Davis was a lot of fun and enjoyed the extra special attention I think. 

first ride in my 'first ride' from mom and dad

Great pic with Mimi and Pops

Cake by my tante Allyson

Monday, May 30, 2011

Davis' Birthday Week.

Oh, what a week. We began the week to ring in Davis' first birthday, with an early visit from Mom. She helped with Davis of course and with getting the house ready. She was here for Davis' actual birthday. We enjoyed a nice lunch with the birthday boy and came home for some cake, his first bout of real sugar. As you can see he liked it. We also had a nice visit at the pediatrician's office the next day, where despite bringing cookies, they gave him a nice round of shots :-( (see stats below). The fun began here, where I lost my balance and fell off a ladder while hanging drapes and avulsed my left greater tubercle. So, I'll spare the details, but thank goodness mom was with me and a fracture is all I had. Needless to say, plans changed a little and we had a quieter birthday celebration, which I think was for the best. I was grateful to have my family here to celebrate. We had relaxing days of swimming, cooking and a little home improvement - thanks dad. Some pics leading up to our small celebration.

The boys. Notice the 'Max Liquidator' that Andrew bought for Davis - yeah right.

With Pops at the Four Seasons

Little appetizer of puffs with Mimi.

Had to include this one. Shocking that we 4 Quijano children are still in one piece considering dad's parenting skills (kidding). Love Allyson's expression. 

sweetest pic

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Davis

Dearest Davis,

Today you are 1! We could not have imagined one year ago, how much joy you would bring us. Your father and I are blessed with a happy and healthy baby boy. You entered the world in your own way and quickly showed us that life will never be the same. You have blessed both families with the first grandchild and nephew. You have loving grandparents in California and Mississippi who live for daily photos and videos of you. Your uncles reside in New York City, Northern California and China and your aunts in Northern California, DC and North Carolina. They love you dearly and each think they are going to have the most influence on your coolness and world views. You have spent your first year accomplishing each milestone ahead of schedule and staying high in the percentiles of height and weight. I think this is from the Medley side. You have had your share of bumps and bruises and yet this is only the beginning of what we believe to be a very active and athletic life. You are beginning to talk and show your personality. You mimic and quickly lean new expressions from us. You love to swim, dance and sing. You love your daddy and call him by name. During the day you hold objects to your ear like a phone and say "dada, dada?". Your dada and I love you more than anything in the world dear Davis. Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet Baby Davis.

Weight: 25 lbs (80th %)
Height: 32 inches (97th %)
Head circumference: 48.5 cm (90th %)
Clothes: 18-24 months
Diaper Size: 4
Favorites: playing the drum, cuddling with blue blanket, reading books, riding in car, riding bikes with dad, bathtime, toys with sound, wagon, swimming, carrying golf clubs around the house

Words: Hi, Bye-bye, mama, dada
Signs: milk, all done
Funny mimics: shakes head when told no, claps for himself when uses spoon to eat, babbles/ talks with hands

Heaven blew every trumpet

And played every horn
On the wonderful, marvelous

Night you were born.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just a Thursday afternoon

I am very thankful for the chance to work part time and still have slow quiet times with Davis on my days off. We often spend our afternoon playtime in his room.  His favorite place is standing at his bay window looking outside at the birds and maybe waiting for dad to come home. On this particular day we spotted a dove's nest. A beautiful thing. Davis also learned how to balance a lens cap without hands, practice his baby yoga and his walking and clear out his bookshelf, which I think is his favorite.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A visit from "Bob"

So, Andrew and I have quickly learned the dangers of living in the Desert. I've mentioned scorpions in our old home. I've driven to work where traffic came to a halt as a pack of coyotes crossed leaving the grocery parking lot of all places. I've attended a baby shower where we enjoyed coffee while watching a javelina eat his dinner in the front yard. Having moved into our new neighborhood, we have spotted a bobcat in our neighbor's yard and a very large king snake dead (thank goodness) in the street. Well, this morning we had our own special desert visitor. I spotted this object while having a snuggle with Davis and upon further investigation, ie. notifying Andrew who was showering that he better get in here, we concluded that this was a rather large bobcat enjoying the shade above our outdoor fireplace. I snapped some pics while standing inside. He quickly moved off after Andrew made his presence known. I always pictured myself running outside waving a golf club in my threatening ways but I have to say, I was quite impressed with his presence. Beautiful creature but we hope he finds his shade somewhere else next time. If you're familiar with these creatures you'll recognize that he is on the rather large size. Curious as to what he's been eating.

bye-bye bobcat

First Mother's Day

Grandmother Jean visited from Mississippi to see her grandson and celebrate Mother's Day. It was a short but sweet visit. She arrived just in time as Davis began walking last week. He showed off his skills and quickly warmed up to her babbling away. We had a nice brunch on Sunday and she and Andrew enjoyed some bike rides with Davis in tow. Davis enjoyed being read to and playing catch with her. She gave Davis a sweet teddy bear all the way from Paris which has now become his crib companion. We watch him on his monitor cuddle with it through the night. Watching him interact with different members of the family makes us wish we all lived closer. Thank you Jean for a sweet visit.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bike Riding with Dad

Our dear friends, Pat and Lindsey Williams and their daughter Baby Kate, provided us with the best housewarming gift - beach cruisers and a seat for sweet Davis. He and Andrew have enjoyed daily bike rides to the golf course or to just get the mail, in his jammies of course. Davis hold on tight when Dad is driving and coos when the bell is rung. When we ride together he is always looking for the other rider, myself in back. I think he's making sure I'm keeping up with Andrew. Its his new love to be outside, listening to the birds and spotting rabbits. We hope our bells will keep the bobcats and snakes away. We are looking forward to bike rides to get Starbucks, yogurt and a pancake breakfast.