Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makena and Davis... the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

Makena Marie is the daughter of our nearest and dearest friends, Kristy and Parker. She was born just 11 weeks after Davis. The two of them, of course, became quick friends. In their few months, they have had many firsts and adventures together. Davis, the destroyer, is learning that pretty bows are not to be pulled, quiet time is good, and laying infants, especially girls, "out" on their backs is not appropriate behavior. Makena and Davis have traveled together, out of the womb and in utero. They recently finished music class together where this classic picture was captured. I can already hear Davis saying 'she touched me first'.
Both families were present at the hospital the day of their births. If only Makena had shown Davis how to enter the world a little less dramatically. We visited her, her first weekend home. 
And five weeks later, they traveled, Bjorn style, to Tahoe.
In Tahoe, the grandparents even had a stroller date.
We celebrated Thanksgiving together, where they started to engage eachother. I think Davis made the first move here.

 At one point in time, they even played quietly on a blanket.

They've gone Christmas shopping together.
And even wore dresses together for Davis' Baptism.
Makena and Davis are our hearts. Davis' young life is richer due to their presence. We treasure these moments and memories and look forward to the many more to come of Davis and his first friend, Makena Marie.

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  1. Beautifully expressed Marissa. You are truly blessed to have such dear friends.